3 Habits of a Successful Language Learner

What do Colin Firth, Natalie Portman, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz, Shakira and Audrey Hepburn have in common? Aside from their star status, the fact that they’re all trilingual, with Natalie Portman being multilingual, speaking German, Spanish, Japanese, English and Hebrew!

Speaking more than one language has indeed become commonplace, with celebrities and regular folk alike talking in various tongues, some native and others universal, like English or Spanish. Now, for those interested in learning another language, actually taking on the task might seem impossible.

After all, some people learn different languages from childhood while others (like Natalie Portman) are just plain gifted.

So it can’t really be so easy, learning a new language, can it?

Truth be told, it can. But only if you adapt some habits!

Habit#1: Keep Realistic Goals


Consider the act of learning a language as losing weight.

It won’t happen in a few weeks or months. However, it could also happen in a few days. It all depends on you and your abilities. Some people may catch on quick if they’ve passively listened to it. But if the language is completely new for you, it might take some time.

Like you would when losing weight, you’ll have to develop certain habits and stick with them. But most of all, you mustn’t lose sight of your goal, or become discouraged.

Habit#2: Don’t Give it Just Part-Time Focus


Learning a language is not easy. Like any other subject, you’ll have to give it your proper time and attention.

So only going for weekend classes for a couple hours is just not going to cut it. Because of your regular schedule, you will forget the basics, you’ll become lazy. Some days, you’ll be too tired. Rather than learning a language as a part-time hobby, you’ll need to give it proper attention, use what you learn in your daily life.

Speaking that language has to become second nature to you!

Habit#3: Review What You Learn


Learning a language isn’t the same as learning the basics of a school subject. You aren’t just studying for the time-being.

You’ll need to use that language throughout your life. This means that what you learn, you cannot forget. As such, when you learn, you must review. An effective learning of the language will always give priority to reviewing what they’ve learned so far, going over notes, asking questions later on.

Even if you cannot learn more, it’s okay. You must first improve your basic skills before you can move to the advanced stages.

Want Some Help?

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