5 Celebrities Who Were Homeschooled

Both astronomers Galileo and Copernicus were met with immense opposition when they tried to put forth theories we now all recognize as scientific facts. The theory/fact being that the earth revolves around the sun as opposed to the other way round.

This wasn’t the first time and most definitely wasn’t the last time that a perfectly viable proposition was met with resistance by those who did not fully understand the logic behind it. People are prone to following whatever the mass beliefs and paradigms are at the time and often have trouble accepting new ideas when proposed.

Homeschooling and the relevance of the same is an academic concept that though highly praised by experts in the field of academia is still taking its time catching on when it comes to the general public.

5 Celebrities Who Were Homeschooled

We’ve often produced blogs and write ups in a more serious tone elaborating on the many theoretically backed benefits and arguments in support of homeschooling. Today however, we’re going to take a lighter approach and go over some famous and highly successful individuals who were homeschooled.

Serena Williams


When it comes to the world of Tennis, Serena Williams is huge. This successful and very confident athlete along with her sister Venus were both educated at home by their parents. Though Venus later enrolled in an institute to further her interest in fashion, Serena continued to obtain her education through homeschooling.

Both this athlete’s academic and physical education were obtained at home. Serena actually ranked number 1 in world tennis on numerous occasions between 2002 and 2017. Homeschooling seemed to have worked okay for her!

Ryan Gosling


You might not believe this but popular Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling was still struggling with reading past the age of ten! Suffering from ADHD as well as the barrage of bullying that followed, Gosling was removed from school by his mother who then began to homeschool him.

It was after this that Gosling got his first in to the world of film and entertainment after which he didn’t look back. He did however state that it was homeschooling that allowed him to feel capable once again – a feeling he had for a time, lost.

Selena Gomez

This child star had an acting and entertainment career that took off at a very young age. Not wanting to let her studies take a backseat but also wishing to encourage her career in the acting and entertainment industry, it was her mother who opted to have her homeschool.

As a result, Selena managed to achieve all her necessary educational milestones while also working hard to develop her currently thriving entertainment career. Seems like she did a pretty good job!

The Jonas Brothers


We know we’re kind of cheating by having three individuals under a subheading made for one but hey! Unlike Selena Gomez and other homeschooled child stars (including Justin Bieber and Hillary Duff), the Jonas brothers were not homeschooled as a reaction to their entertainment careers.

According to their mother, homeschooling would have been her first option for these boys in any case as she, like many others, felt that she could do a better job of educating her kids at home. We’re not surprised to say, she meant what she said as the Jonas brothers today are all doing very well for themselves!

Christopher Paolini

Christopher Paolini

Last but not least, we have Christopher Paolini. Where others in the list were more inclined towards physical/athletic careers or careers in acting and entertainment, Paolini is different. Paolini is documented in the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest author ever to complete and put out his own best selling publication.

It’s no surprise that Paolini was homeschooled through and through!

Winding Down

Though we’re cutting the list at five, there are dozens of other noteworthy and accomplished individuals in the world today who have done extremely well because of the homeschooling they received. For parents considering homeschooling their children, this should serve as a means to eliminate any doubt that you’re on the right track. For the kids and young people being homeschooled, you can see it didn’t make any of these folks less popular or cool!

Keeping this in mind, if you need homeschooling support and are located in Dubai, hold your head up and get the help you need! Chances are you might be the next big thing!