7 Ways to Help your Kids Develop a Love for Science

Science, on its own, is as much fun as it is fascinating. Many of us who can appreciate developing an understanding of how things work probably wonder how others don’t find science interesting. It is important to remember that we’re all cut differently.

While some of us might be consumed with curiosity from the day we learn to crawl, others may not be so inclined. When it comes to children and young people, aversions to science can also develop because of the way it is taught in schools and aversions developed hence.


7 Ways to Help Your Kids Develop a Love for Science

If you’re a parent struggling to find ways to spark an interest in your children for this wonderful and intriguing subject, there are ways you can go about it. Here are seven of them!

Take Them Out

Science is about life happening as it does before us. One great way to spark an interest for science within your kids is to take them out to places that both make them curious as well as fascinate them. We’re talking museums, science centers and even zoos. When they realize there’s more to science than school books, they will want to learn more.

Show Them It’s Everywhere

Science is really everywhere, from the breath we take to clouds forming on a rainy day to a car starting. Highlight this to your children and give them simple explanations on the science behind things to show them that it is everywhere. This will also help them develop their own critical thinking skills.


Equip Them

Kids love getting new stuff. Next time you go shopping, get your child or children some equipment or stationary they could use. This could be anything from a notebook to record observations to a magnifying class so they can take a closer look at things. If they have the gear, they’ll want to use it!

Get them into Sci-Fi

Science fiction is great as any comic or space buff would tell you. It’s hard to imagine someone getting bored watching say the newest Guardians of the Galaxy. Let them develop an interest in science fiction. Books, comics and movies are all great in doing just that. Chances are, they will first get into the fiction but eventually develop a love for the real thing!


Games are another way to get children interested in things. Games keep things light while still allowing room for learning on the side. You have loads of science based games that you could engage yourself and the kids in during family time.

Show them the Science Behind What They Love

If your child is into cars, teach them about speed, velocity, acceleration and aerodynamics. If your children are into animals, tell them a thing or two about biology and eco-systems. What we’re trying to say is that science exists behind most things. Connecting science to what they already love is a sure shot way to get them involved.

Take a Class or Workshop!

Last but not least, you have a whole lot of amazing classes, short courses and workshops on things directly relating to science. You have things like robotics and chemistry labs, eco-workshops and numerous other avenues where children can both learn and engage. Find a science class or workshop that might suit your children and send them for it!

Winding Down

Remember, science is everywhere and vast. There will always be some aspect of the discipline or the other that your children will find appealing. All you need to do is give them the support and room to explore and they will get to it!

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