Witty Learning Author - 08/05/2018

9 Home Schooling Essentials for your Home Classroom

Every room can be transformed into a class room with availability of essential resources. Children spend most of their time at home; you can teach them vast array of subjects that traditional schooling neglect on a regular basis. But in order to deliver a complete learning experience, you need to equip your home with these essential things.

A dry eraser board

Every teacher needs a writing board, and every student needs visual aid to understand things effectively. Invest in a writing board; look for a variant that has magnetic ability, so you can also use it as a display board when the need arises.

Create your personal library

Unlike schools, homeschooling is free from traditional and mundane curriculum. Get access to as many books as you can. Get membership of a library or Amazon. There is a wide variety of book collection available on Kindle as well; make use of it.

You might also be a part of homeschooling parents group. Initiate the culture of book sharing. This will keep your circle interactive and you can also schedule book clubs for your children.


Pencil are an object that are missing in action most of the time. Make sure your designated study area is equipped with all sorts of stationary, pencil, electric sharpeners, eraser, markers, crayons, paper, etc.

A scheduling system

A lot of planning and rescheduling goes in to homeschooling children. You need to allocate your time for chores, education, free-time, and physical activities. Make sure your household work does not clash with your school routine. Take help from an online planner or even use a notebook to manage your week. Lastly, make sure your child is aware of his/her schedule and takes full responsibility in adhering to it.

Interactive resources

A boring environment sends learning out the door; keep things interesting. Make learning fun and interesting by using Apps. In addition to this, invest in interactive resources like pin-it maps, tile vocabulary, puzzles, and teaching textbooks.

Internet and laptop/tablet

There are numerous tutorial videos available online that explain variety of subject matters with visual details. You can use internet for research and visual aid purposes. You can also download different games that can be used to assist learning. Moreover, you can use online resources for homeschooling kids, like at Witty Learning Institute.

School Store

Your school will not function around the clock, which means you need a storage space for all the learning material. You can allocate a study area or room in your home to make space for all your school supplies.


You will be downloading worksheets and numerous notes from the internet to enhance your teaching skill, which makes availability of printer a necessity. Your children can make use of printer as well for all their assignments and projects. />

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