Educational Support

Why Does Every Child Needs an Educational Support Program?
Every parent and educationalist knows the difference a good education support program can make in the life of an adolescent. Learning new skills after school can have groundbreaking effects.
This raises many important questions.
  • Who decides which skills would be most beneficial for a student?
  • Should the decision factor in the age of the student?
  • Would the skills be associated with the learning a student receives at school?
  • We help you answer these questions, all while helping your child learn and develop as an individual. With our homeschooling
  • support in Dubai, you don’t need to worry about anything.
  • Whether it’s math classes or English, you can count on us!
What are the Features of a Good Educational Support Program?
A good educational support program is based on the national youth policy. Moreover, it must be designed to achieve healthy development due to the following features:
  • Helps your child form strong, positive relationships with others.
  • Keeps the focus on the students’ strengths, instead of highlighting their weak areas.
  • Designed to provide the right kind of environment that is conducive in developing good interpersonal skills among the students.
  • Provides opportunities and challenges for your child.
  • Enhances their expression of creativity.
  • Assists in developing leadership skills and being a member of a team.
  • Nurtures the need of the youth for autonomy while simultaneously guiding them on the right path.
  • Designed to provide long-term benefits.
Why is Witty Learning a Leader in Educational Support Programs?
Based on the latest research on the subject, Witty Learning started this endeavor when they found a link between low school achievement and risky teen behavior. When they are involved in constructive activities during the after-school hours, students grow up to become healthy productive adults. Moreover, a relationship between after-school activities and improved academic performance has also been unearthed.
Subject Support Offered
Witty Learning’s Educational Support program currently caters for five different subjects:
  • Arabic
  • English
  • Mandarin (Chinese)
  • Science
  • Mathematics
Supported Curricula
If a tourist wanted to sample the many different nations around the globe, they would be best served by visiting Dubai. We understand that the Emirates are home to people from all cultures and nations. That is why our instructors and experts designed a program that supports all curricula. We want every child to feel welcome at Witty Learning!
Venue Options
Witty Learning’s Educational Support program accords paramount importance to the comfort of the students. Some students do much better when they study alongside other classmates. For such students, the option to take the classes offered at the centre itself would seem the best. However, we realize that every student is unique, which is why we have an alternate venue option. Your child can study with the help of our instructor right from the comfort of their own home. We only want what’s best for your child.

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