Homeschooling Dubai

Homeschooling Support

In contrast to most school-based systems of learning, all of our homeschooling support programs are mastery-based learning systems. Therefore, our students do not progress through the levels until they show proficiency rather than time spent learning at that level. For all of our English, Mathematics and Science programs we use proven and successful models and have partnered with what we believe to be the best programs of learning available internationally. Our other homeschooling support programs have been carefully created by our experienced and knowledgeable teachers themselves. In the 2018-19 academic year, we are introducing even more programs that will bring further value to our students (see below).
What can Witty Learning offer a homeschooling family?
  • Our Director of Education is homeschooling his own children and is intrinsically motivated about this form of education.
  • Personalised learning tailored to the child's dominant learning style
  • Fun, engaging and exciting lessons which will nurture the child's love of the subjects taught
  • A team of teachers who are passionate and knowledgeable about teaching their subject matter
  • Progress reports to keep parents involved in their child's education
A variety of carefully designed learning programs including:
  • All About Reading
  • All About Spelling
  • Fix It! Grammar
  • Handwriting Success!
  • Creative Writing
  • Witty Poetry
  • Arabic language
  • Spanish language
  • Mandarin (Chinese) language
  • Math-U-See
  • Real-Science-4-Kids
  • Geography
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Keyboard Skills
  • Robotics
  • Coding

Please contact us for more information or for details of our competitive prices.