Language Programs

Our method in teaching languages to our students is based on four foundational pillars:
  • Images
  • Intuition
  • Interactivity
  • Instruction
Our approach is with an intention of making the language second nature to them, so:
  • No translation
  • No Initiation

We teach through practical activities so that students don't feel forced to memorise but rather they simply practice, play and implement. Ours teachers will try to deliver much of the practical and everyday verbs and vocabulary early on in class: As an example, in Arabic: The teacher will request the student to say: "intahaytu" whenever they finish a task, which means: "I've finished" This way the child will be in a habit of using this word throughout the day whenever they complete a task.

Our methods will also consist of:
  • Videos
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Quizlet (a powerful language application)
  • Games
  • Other language acquisition resources

As our community of language learners builds we will host events periodically where we will invite our students to come and enjoy the company of other students studying the same language and we will take them on field trips to practice what they have learnt: Eg. Spanish at the supermarket, at the zoo, at the restaurant, etc...

Simply put, our students will:
  • Act out the language!
  • Practice it!
  • Learn it!