Witty Learning Author - 07/05/2018

Every Room Is A Classroom: 6 Benefits Of Home Schooling No One Talks About


If your children have a piggy-bank, then they would have a habit of counting and recounting their hard earned money over and over again, to buy a bag full of candies from a nearby store.

Have you noticed how your children can handle and identify money and use simple addition and subtraction to measure their savings? This small act taught your children multiple lessons, they learned how to add, subtract, save money, and budget their money for different tooth-decaying expenditure.

Learning or gaining knowledge is not limited to reading books and attending school regularly, knowledge is acquired with willingness and curiosity. A curios mind can learn million things with exposure to a conducive environment. Children don’t need a curriculum to be educated, they need to experience the real word more and more, and you can do that by homeschooling them.

Here are some perks of homeschooling that no one talks about.

Benefits of Homeschooling Your Child


A Real-Life Approach To Education

There is a huge difference in ‘getting an education’ and experiencing it. You can incorporate learning in a variety of activities to make it effortless and easy. Traditional school systems fail to prepare children physically, mentally, and emotionally for the real world. School grads lack basic cooking, book-keeping, tier changing, and banking skills. You can take a real-life approach to your child’s education and give them a hands-on experience of things and activity they will be doing in the future.

This makes learning fun and interesting as kids know the importance and relevance of subjects in real-life.

Free From Boundaries And Limitation

Children are creative and have a unique approach to life; schools streamline the beliefs and thought processes of children. You might have noticed, children who were once avid painters or artists, forget how to draw, as art is never the focus of traditional schools.

Moreover, you don’t need a budget sanction or permission of the headmistress to visit the museum for the history class, or get a pass for bathroom breaks.

This makes learning flexible and an activity that your child willingly chooses to perform.

Building Blocks

The trending slang language and teenage mood swings are a learned behavior.  The early years of your child’s learning cycle are the building blocks of morals and ethical values. Exposing your kid to an environment you have no control over, makes them vulnerable to bad habits, misguided values, and a victim of peer pressure. /    

Makes Them Independent

Homeschooling is all about making your children self-sufficient. If they don’t know an answer they need to search for it themselves, go online, visit a library, or look it up in some book. They have the liberty to research a topic and develop an opinion of their own. This introduces them to concepts like self-worth and self-discovery.

Homeschooling is not about spoon feeding your child; it’s more about enabling them to do things on their own.

Socialize Without Age Limit

Schools keeps the social circle restricted to 20 kids in the classroom, you can break this circle and let your child socialize with like minded people instead of following an age criteria.

Creative And Interactive Learning

Childhood needs to be enjoyed to the fullest. You can’t ask them to color within the lines and that apples are always red, kids have a wild imagination and they need to experience its full potential. You can make learning interactive with games and activities.

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