For The Love of Books – How to Inculcate Good Reading Habits in Students

Daily independent reading improves overall student performance and is good for your mental health as well. Studies have found that reading is an excellent way to reduce stress and distract your mind from daily stressors. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to inculcate good reading habits in students to foster academic learning, boost personal growth, and improve emotional well-being.

Practical Tips to Encourage Students to Read

Give Students a Choice

As an educational institute, encourage your students to read books from their favorite genres. Don’t restrict their choices to course books, instead discuss the latest thrillers, mystery and drama novels that are popular amongst children.

Provide Access to Materials

If you’re asking your students to develop reading habits, provide them with books that motivate them to read. As educators, it’s your job to create a separate library in school that has books from every genre; crime, drama, fiction, non-fiction etc. As parents, gift different books to your children and read with them to encourage reading habits. Build a small library in their bedroom and display books on shelves to help them choose different books to read every day.

Create a Reading Space

A fully functional library with tables, chairs, armchairs, bean-bag chairs, and shelves of books is necessary to inculcate reading habits. When students have a separate space to go read in quiet and peace, they’re more likely to read consistently. Parents can also create a reading space by installing a cushioned windowsill or adding comfy carpets and cushions near the bookshelf for a makeshift reading nook.

Take Trips to the Library

Add a library period in your educational curriculum and take your students to the school library or local public library for a visit.

Encourage Book Clubs at Schools

Besides sports and chess clubs, book clubs are also great ways for students to interact with different people. This extracurricular activity allows students to share their favorite books and authors and it also helps start discussions to analyze characters and writing styles.

Reread Favorite Books

Don’t discourage students from reading their favorite books. If they’ve got the whole set of the Harry Potter books or the Secret Seven series by Enid Blyton, let them reread their favorite book. There’s a certain charm about rereading that helps you understand a new perspective or discover a new theory every time you read.

Read Before Bed

The best way to inculcate solid reading habits is by dedicating the last hour before bed to reading 20-30 pages of a book every night. Reading before bed helps you sleep better and encourages you to finish books that you’ve started. Reading exposes us to new worlds, diverse cultures, and helps improve our vocabulary and language skills.

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