How Learning A New Language Can Boost Your Career Prospects

Dubai is a multicultural city with a population of more than 3 million. It offers many opportunities for locals and foreigners alike to engage in business. With UAE’s total population reaching a whopping 9.27 million, the local Emiratis make only 13% of the population, while the remaining 87% are expatriates. Statistics show that the job market of UAE is dominated by expats who’ve come from all over the world to set up businesses and work closely with the locals. Globalization has geopolitics have enabled people to get jobs, yet, many face a language barrier when meeting locals and networking with Chinese, Spanish and Arab businesspeople. If people start learning different languages, they can get an upper hand with prospective recruiters looking for bilingual and multilingual employees. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of learning a new language to boost career prospects.

New Job Opportunities

Being bilingual or multilingual increases your marketability and opens up new doors to a variety of job opportunities. Besides being an interpreter for government jobs or for global businesses, you can also get excellent jobs in retail, transportation, administration, sales, banking, education, public relations, tourism, and communication industry. Being fluent in more than one language, especially one that’s used internationally helps distinguish your CV from others and increases your chances of being employed.

Higher Pay

According to the World Economic Forum, bilinguals are at an economic advantage in terms of higher occupational status and incomes. Oral proficiency in more than one language is in demand and employees are willing to pay higher to those able to speak, read, and write in English and other languages such as Mandarin Arabic, Spanish and French.


Learning a new language gives you insight into the culture, customs, and traditions of the local people. Not only does it help you converse better, but it also breaks down the barrier during meetings, conferences, workshops, and other networking events. You’re able to freely talk to clients, vendors, and colleagues and build professional relationships based on face-to-face interactions.

You’ll Be Better at Multi-Tasking

According to research, learning a new language and being bilingual helps improve your multi-tasking skills. Children who grow up as bilinguals are able to switch between tasks more easily than monolinguals and research has found that they’re less likely to get distracted. Constantly switching between two languages and interpreting it in the mind helps sharpen our multi-tasking abilities and allows us to focus on more than one task at a time.

Learn New Language Skills

If you live in a multicultural city and want to strengthen business relationships and increase your job prospects, improve your language skills and boost your career. With English being the international language most commonly used in the business world, enrolling in English language courses in Dubai will greatly enhance your prospects in the city. Witty Learning is one of the best language centers in Dubai, and we offer adult language classes for English, Arabic, and Spanish. Contact us today at (+971) 4 557 9008 and learn a new language for better job opportunities!