A'isha Fernandez-Castillo (Witty Learning Author) - 22/05/2017

Why should we all learn Spanish?

What are the compelling reasons for learning Spanish??

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1. Second most popular spoken language in the world

Through learning Spanish, you will acquire the skill of being able to communicate with over 400 million Spanish speakers worldwide. Spanish is an official language on four continents.

Countries such as Spain, USA, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Equatorial Guinea, the Philippines, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay use Spanish as their primary language.

2. Holidays will never seem the same!!!

Whether you are crazy about FC Real Madrid in Spain or you enjoy the geological sites of Los Tres Ohos in the Dominican Republic; speaking the the native language will no doubt enhance your experience and create some of your most memorable trips.

Whether giving an address in a taxi, making reservations in a hotel, ordering food or drinks in a restaurant; your travel experience will be much richer and far more culturally understandable.

3. Improve your employment opportunities.

With the world becoming ever more global, Spanish is going to give you a huge advantage. Many of the world's largest companies are currently established in South America. Not a globetrotter……no problem, simply being able to flex your Spanish language skills will create employment opportunities with some of the largest businesses in the world!!!

And did you know that bilingual employees often receive a larger salary? cha-ching…….!

4. Appreciate Spanish-speaking cultures.

Apart from opening up access to areas of "high" culture such as art, literature and history, knowledge of Spanish will give you a wider understanding of the day by day culture and you will have a completely different experience.

Spanish is a language that goes hand in hand. To be able to speak Spanish properly you will have to understand the culture and to understand the culture you will have to learn the language.

5. Learning Spanish will make it easy to learn other languages.

Spanish will help you if you decide to learn another foreign language such as German, French or Italian as the grammar and pronunciation are very similar.

It is often said by people who have become bilingual with Spanish being one of their spoken languages, that the next language will be much easier. By learning other languages you will develop mental, social and cultural skills which will help you to better understand the world that we live in.

Spanish is an easy language for native English speakers because a lot of the words share the same roots. Written Spanish is almost completely phonetic: look at almost any Spanish word and you can tell how it is pronounced.

To conclude…

There are many more reasons to start your journey in Spanish but as I'm sure you'll agree, the ones listed above are very convincing. So if you decide that this is for you, have fun in learning this great language! For many people, Spanish offers the most rewards with the least effort of any foreign language. It's never too late to begin learning.

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