- 16/07/2019

Mastering Code: Why Every Child Should Learn Coding

If you want to set your child up for academic success, teach them how to code. While we were born in an era when technology was still evolving and most people learned to adapt, the children of today are born into a high-tech world. Coding is set to be the basic literary requirement of the 21st century – a century controlled and run by technology.

Each day, new jobs are being created in Artificial Intelligence, Genetics, Automation, Robotics, and more. According to Glassdoor, 8 of the top 25 job positions in the U.S are related to the tech industry alone.

Why is this statistic important? Well, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)predicts a loss of nearly 302,000 jobs over the next decade to overseas contractors – an opportunity that’ll be best availed by the code-savvy children of today.

In this blog, we’re going to list a number of compelling reasons why every child should learn coding.

Coding Unleashes Creativity

Coding is a vital skill because it forces children to experiment and allows them to be creative. They’ll have the chance to tinker around and come up something entirely unique. Also, children love to receive feedback and attention and learning how to code – similar to learning a musical instrument or a new language –cultivates a creative thinking process.

Contrary to popular belief, coding is actually pretty easy and there are a number of coding classes in Dubai suited for both children and adults alike.

Improves Problem Solving Capabilities

Coding isn’t primarily about raising your kids to become software engineers, it’s more about promoting a sense of computational thinking. Computational thinking is a thought process through which software engineers solve different problems. It involves the use of logic, mathematics, algorithms, and teacheskids on how to tackle life’s problems.

Computational thinking also teaches children how to break large problems into smaller and more manageable pieces. It also involves the creation of models based on the real world and the ability to generate both general and specific solutions.

Secures a Safe Future

As mentioned previously, technology is evolving faster than we can keep track of. Artificial intelligence has had a profound impact on nearly every aspect of human life from the creation of smart cities to smart bots that handle customer queries. There’s also the development of highly advanced robots that are capable of replacing mundane tasks.

Both of these fields (and more) depend on skilled coders and software engineers. This means that children that learn coding today won’t have much difficulty in securing well paying jobs in the next 10-20 years.

The importance of teaching kids how to code cannot be overstated and while there are a number of free apps available online, there’s nothing that beats the experience of learning in a classroom setting. Witty learning is an educational institute in Dubai that offers a number of language courses for both children and adults. These include the following (for the year 2019):

  • Young Entrepreneur Business Camp (Starting 14th July)
  • Summer camp for children (Starting 14thJuly)
  • Free Arabic classes (1st June)
  • Coding classes (Already started, until 6th July)
  • Poetry classes (Coming soon)
  • Summer Arabic immersion programs for adults (Starting 28th July)

The coding classes have already started but you can still benefit by enrolling now. Also, the Young Entrepreneur Business Camp is set to start on the 14th of July and along with coding, teaches children how to design and develop unique products and services. Sessions are also dedicated to marketing, IT, and public speaking. Contact us today for more information.