Witty Learning Author - 08/06/2018

Mastery-based learning – What it is and how it works…


We always have those few subjects in school which we just hope “to pass” because we don’t think we have the ability to achieve more than a passing grade in those specific subjects.

We tell ourselves, “I’m not made for maths”, hope for a passing grade and move on only to realize that at some point or another, we’ll have to take another maths course which will be tougher than the one we barely passed.

How do you think you’re going to perform in Algebra II when you just made it through Algebra I? It doesn’t make sense to move on to advanced mathematical concepts when you’re still struggling with the basic ones, right? Yet this is what happens in the traditional schooling system all the time.

The Problem With The Traditional Educational System:

Traditional Educational System

The traditional educational system focuses on time rather than the abilities of the student.

How so?

Teachers are given a syllabus that needs to be covered within the school year. If a student finds a topic challenging, there’s only so much a teacher can do to help them, eventually the student will have to move on to the next chapter even if they haven’t fully grasped the concepts of the current one.

As a result, the student comes out of school feeling like that specific subject is not for them. Their struggles with the specific subject in school determines what degrees they choose to pursue in higher-education as well as their careers. Ultimately, it limits their career options.

Mastery Learning

Mastery Learning

According to the philosophy of mastery-based learning, all children are achievers. They have it in them to be proficient in all courses provided they are given sufficient time and are taught using methods that they respond best to.

With mastery-based learning, students aren’t on a time schedule; they can take as long as they need to fully understand the chapter while being given all the support they need. They learn using a variety of resources and methods.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how long it took the student to understand; what’s important is that they ultimately mastered it and are in a much better position to comprehend more advanced levels.

The benefits of mastery-based learning are clear to see but it wasn’t scalable when it was first introduced therefore it couldn’t be implemented and schools had to settle for an ineffective system.

Today however, mastery-based learning is scalable thanks to the internet and institutes like Witty Learning in Dubai allow students to choose programs in which they need extra help and study them at their own pace.

Witty Learning in Dubai offers a variety of programs that include educational support programs, homeschool support programs and language classes. Our courses use mastery-based learning techniques where our students cannot move on to the next level without showing complete proficiency on the current one.

Our programs are designed to support your child through school and open up their options for the future.

To learn more about all that we offer, feel free to contact us at (+971) 55 553 0784 or email us at info@wittylearning.ae. We’re located at Unit 807, BB1 Tower, Mazaya Business Avenue, Jumeirah Lakes Tower, Dubai.