Mind and Body: Why Physical Education is Essential?

As an organization working in education, though our specialty extends to academic areas, we have a firm understanding of the importance of maintaining a balance when it comes to development. We have often addressed areas of academic concern but feel it is important to acknowledge the importance of physical education as well.

So why is physical education essential, parallel to academic learning? Let us find out!

Why Physical Education is Essential

Human development, reductively speaking can be divided into the physical, the mental and if you want to get philosophical, a third element, the spiritual. When you hear the word education, what often comes to mind is the mental or intellectual aspect of development. At the same time, you might have noticed that most good schools have a healthy physical education program to supplement academic learning.


Here are a few reasons why emphasis is laid on physical education:

Physical Fitness is Important for Healthy Growth and Development

The first and foremost reason why physical education is important is that it offers students a chance to exercise and use their bodies on a regular basis. This is particularly important for children growing up in cities and spaces where physical exercise is limited in any case.

Physical education ensures that students get at least the minimum required exercise essential for healthy growth and development.

Focus Enhancement and Improvement on Concentration


Apart from the obvious, what you may not know is that physical education is a great way to improve upon a student’s ability to focus, as well as their capacity to concentrate. Unlike activities such as watching television or playing video games which actually do not have a positive effect on the ability to focus, physical education in the form of sports, exercise and team play is actually quite the opposite.

Physical education is known to improve the same part of the brain associated with focus and concentration hence improving skills and capacity relating to the same overall.

Helps with Sleep

With all the blue screen technology rampant in the world today, it’s no wonder that children have trouble sleeping. Though there is nothing wrong with such tech, the fact that children spend most of their time moving from one screen to another can really do a number on natural sleep patterns.

Physical education helps provide the physical exertion needed to help young people establish healthy and stable sleep cycles. Any parent (or teacher) would know how important good and adequate sleep is to learning and development.

Emotional or Psychological Health


Numerous mental health professionals believe in the incorporation of exercise into the daily routine of individuals due to the many mental health benefits it holds. The same holds true for children. The Psychiatric Times online publication did an article covering how exercise is beneficial for the mental health of young people.

Regular exercise or in other words physical education is known to be helpful with anxiety, depression, ADHD and a number of other mental health concerns.


A Space to Excel

As an organization working closely with children and young people among our students, one of the things we are clear on is as stated by the M.I (Multiple Intelligence) Theory, children at different points have different areas of intelligence development that they excel in. These include spatial, linguistic, mathematical, inter-personal and musical among others.

By catering to the physical/athletic intelligence aspect of development, physical education gives those excelling in the same a chance and opportunity to shine and see their own worth. This is particularly important for the self esteem of students who may be struggling with other more academic forms of intelligence.

In a Nutshell

To make all this information concise; physical education provides an important balance to the curriculum. It addresses the physical development aspect of students and is extremely beneficial from a mental health standpoint.  Apart from this, it also filters through and improves abilities that help with academic learning such as keeping focused and concentration.

As an organization that specializes in academic areas of learning such as language, home schooling assistance and supplementary learning, we’re informed about education as a whole. Bearing this in mind, and drawing on years of experience in education and disciplines relating to the same, we can say that the physical aspect of education is just as important as the academic. Feel free to check out more of our blogs on learning and education as well as the classes and courses we offer!