Witty Learning Author - 21/05/2019

Personalizing the Educational Experience: The Advantages of Homeschooling

Every child is different. Some children are quick learners while others take their time to familiarize themselves with a concept. Some children like numbers while others are like art. Some children are scientists while others are artists. These talents are often lost in traditional schools where all students are seen with one common lens and are taught in the same way and at the same pace.

If all children are different, why should their learning be the same?

Every child requires individual attention and a personalized approach to education. This is where homeschooling comes in. An increasing number of parents in the UAE are opting for homeschooling because it’s providing their children better and inclusive education. According to an article published in Khaleej Times, parents are homeschooling their kids because it allows them to focus on important subjects for their child’s future.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of homeschooling.

Tailored learning that matches your child’s needs and capabilities

As we’ve already established that every child is different, which means their learning capabilities and needs are also different. Some children are excellent at mathematics but may require additional support for science.

With homeschooling, you can tailor the curriculum according to your child’s learning behavior and interest. If they need more support and time to learn science, you can allocate more time for science and bring innovative ways, additional books, and resources for it. So your child learns at their own pace in a way that optimizes learning for them.

More emotional freedom for your child

When your child is learning in an environment where they’re loved and taken care of, it helps them in their emotional development. They aren’t scared of asking a question or giving a wrong answer. They know they won’t be bullied for their wrong answer. The personalized environment allows your child to develop their own identity, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to explore their future goals so they’re more self-aware and self-confident.

Time for extracurricular activities

Since your child is not spending 6–7 hours every day at a school, they have the time and energy to participate in extracurricular activities. They can go for swimming lessons, or dance classes or learn a new language—and this can become a part of their learning experience. You can arrange field trips according to your child’s interest. For example, if they like learning about animals, you can take them to a zoo.

Freedom to make flexible schedules

You can decide the length of learning hours that suit the best for your family. If your child is not an early riser, you can work a schedule where their sleep time is balanced so they remain active during their lessons. If your family is planning to go for a vacation or a farm trip, you have the freedom to arrange the holidays accordingly so your child enjoys family-time as well.

Creativity and Innovation


<P>In a traditional school environment, children are forced to think in conformity to the instructor or their peers. It often compromises their creativity. They follow the norm and are hesitant to challenge it. The personalized environment in homeschooling allows your child to think outside of the box. You’re giving them one-on-one time so you know what they’re best at. You can tap their creativity and innovation in the areas they enjoy the most because they can express their opinion freely.</P>

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