Practical Tips for Balancing Screen Time and Homeschooling

Isn’t it ironic that you’re looking for tips to cut down on your kids’ screen time… on a screen? Sad as it is, we can’t help it. In the modern world, the average person spends more than 4 hours a day in front of a screen! What’s more shocking is that young people, especially teens, can spend up to 9 hours a day on their phone, tablet, or TV screens!

So it’s more than crucial to find a balance between screen time and actual learning, especially if your kids are being homeschooled. Here are some tips that can help you regulate a healthy balance between the two activities:

Talk it Out!

Most parents don’t realize this but kids are more rational than they get credit for. If you sit them down and talk to them as equals about the disadvantages of excessive screen time and how it can affect their health and future; they’re sure to listen.

It’ll also help if you watch your own screen time and set an exemplary behavior around the house which they can take after.

Set a Time

The most effective way of disciplining a child who’s homeschooled is to set a tight schedule for everything. This won’t only regulate their screen time, but will give them a regimen to live by! Setting a specific time also helps get work done around the house and helps you spend quality time with your kids, as the whole family can watch TV at the same time and bond.

Treat it Like a Treat!

Make it a reward for finishing their homework or being a helping hand around the house. This way, it can become a reinforcing stimulus for things that you actually want your kids to be doing. The process is called positive reinforcement and in most cases, works like a charm!

What They Watch is Important

Some parents, rather than controlling screen time, control what their kids are watching. This way, the time that’s spent on screens is well-spent. And as kids mature, they learn the difference between good media and bad media, making them more receptive and inclined towards knowledgeable content.

People think disciplining homeschooled children is difficult, it’s not. It’s all about how you play out your strategies. So, don’t fear getting your child homeschooling support because home is always the first and most important centre for learning.

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