Sound Like a Native – How to Speak Spanish Like a Pro


The beauty of the Spanish language is that it should be spoken in a way that shows how proud you are of having learnt the tongue.

And to accomplish that, here are some tips that can help you speak like a native Spanish speaker!

Use Idioms/Expressions

But be mindful about it. You don’t want to sound ignorant when saying any idiom that doesn’t even fit into the conversation. So for example, if you’re speaking Spanish in a conversation, incorporate statements such as no dar abasto (not able to cope) or Pillarle el toro (to be out of time/be in trouble) into your speech. Spaniards have a large collection of expressions and idioms that they use in almost every conversation. Imitate them!

Don’t Be So Formal


In comparison to people in Latin American countries, Spanish folk in particular aren’t as formal as you think. In Spain the usted conjunction in singular you and the ustedes in plural you are reversed in circumstances where you’re speaking to someone in a formal tone. Outside of these however, you’ll more likely only hear the words tú in singular you or vosotros in plural you.

Speak with Your Hands

Speaking with your hands isn’t just limited to the Italians. Spanish people have a slew of hand gestures that they use to convey pretty much any message, with a few basic gestures as well. For example, two quick motions, is to let someone know to go elsewhere. And this is just the start. Ask your teacher about speaking Spanish and any gestures they can tell you about.

Try to Speak Fast

Spanish isn’t like Latin. You don’t need to enunciate your words, making sure that your grammar or vocabulary is correct. The Spanish language already shortens words, even the small ones. Look for the more common phrases and stop worrying about the details.

Get Emotional

There’s a running gag in comedy that even speaking normally, Spanish people sometimes sound like they’re fighting, or are excite about something. And that’s because Spanish people aren’t afraid to show their emotions when they speak. Aside from staying within social norms, there really aren’t many restrictions on speaking from the heart when you speak Spanish.

Learn the Language from the Master!

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