- 15/07/2019

Summer 2019: A Look at Witty Learning’s Summer School Programs

Summer break is two to three months of consecutive free time that children spend entirely on playing video games, hanging out with friends, and doing other unproductive things. Although the rest is definitely well-deserved, it would do far well to their mental and physical growth if they get enrolled in a summer school program.

Witty learning is an educational institute that provides a number of programs including homeschooling support, adult classes, educational support services, test and examination preparation, language programs, enrichment programs, and entrepreneurial business summer camps.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the courses that are part of their summer school program.

Arabic Classes

Living in a country where the medium of communication is still largely Arabic, not knowing the language can put you at a disadvantage. Although it’s not something that’s entirely debilitating, you’ll still face some degree of difficulty when it comes to finding a job, communicating with the locals, buying the groceries, and so on.

Witty Learning offers free Arabic classes for both children and adults. The classes are taught by teachers who have years of experience and make the learning process incredibly simple and straightforward.

Young Entrepreneurial Business Camp

Witty learning recognizes the importance of equipping children with the soft skills they need to succeed in life – regardless of the career path they choose. As a result, the young entrepreneurial business camp is a summer program where children will learn how to create a business along with a unique product or service.

They will also learn how to present the product or service to investors as well as the art of selling and engaging with prospective clients. The camp is divided into developing marketing skills, IT skills (coding, graphic designing, web designing) and public speaking.

Coding Classes

It’s no secret that coding is making its way into numerous computer science courses at both primary and secondary levels of education. The reason is simple: almost every aspect of human society is being digitalized and those people with even a basic level of programming and coding skills and preferred over others.

Witty Learning’s coding classes are available for both children and adults and focus on strengthening the basics so if any participant desires to progress in the field, they’ll already be equipped with a strong foundation.

Other Language Courses

In additional to Arabic, there are also language courses being offered for English, Spanish, and Mandarin. These three represent the planet’s most commonly spoken languages and living in a multicultural and multiethnic city such as Dubai, such courses are invaluable.

For a number of years, Witty Learning has been – and is still – regarded as one of the best language and educational institutes in all of Dubai. They have a number of ongoing courses and some which are yet to begin. The following is a list of programs that interested people can enroll in:

  • Young Entrepreneur Business Camp (Starting 14thJuly)
  • Summer camp for children (Starting 14thJuly)
  • Free Arabic classes (1st June)
  • Coding classes (Already started, until 6th July)
  • Poetry classes (Coming soon)
  • Summer Arabic Immersion Program for Adults (Starting 28th July)

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