Witty Learning Author - 05/08/2017

Summer Learning Loss

A healthy break from studies is essential for young minds to re-energise and get back to work with a fresh start. However, breaks that extend over stretches of time, like summer breaks, have an opposite effect. They result in a loss of knowledge and academic skills. This summer learning loss is a well-documented phenomenon and can be found in students as young as 6.

After the summer holidays, the overall learning lost during the vacations is equivalent to one month. It can take up to two whole months for a student’s mind to get back on track. This is after being re-taught what they had learned before the vacation.

Combating Summer Learning Loss

Several proposals have been put forward in various studies. These include: extending the school year, modifying the school calendar, and engaging in summer enrichment programs.

Extending the school year and modifying the school calendar may give rise to further problems. These include: resistance from parents and school bodies and logistical issues. Keeping this mind, encouraging students to participate in summer enrichment programs seems to be the best solution. Here, they can hone their skills while maintaining the crucial, fun element of learning.

In order to combat summer learning loss on all fronts (writing, conversing, creative problem solving etc.), these are the best workshops to consider in a summer enrichment program:

  • Reading/writing
  • Math
  • Creativity
  • Creative problem solving

These categories are discussed below in further detail.

Creative writing

Creative writing is a process that works on building the student’s vocabulary, honing their narrative skills, helping them improve their grammar, sentence structure, spellings and other language syntax, and pushing their limits to explore their personal talents. When students are involved in writing stories and poetry in summer enrichment classes, they are able to gain the depth of knowledge by experience and practice, all while having fun.


Math is the subject, which is hit worst by summer learning loss. Because the proficiency of this subject depends on the amount of practice done, students typically lose over 2.5 months of math skills during the summer break, when they have no commitment to learning and improving.

It is vital that students keep in constant touch with the necessary math skills appropriate to their level of study. Summer math programs ensure that students learn math in an engaging manner through puzzles, math games or any other means. They help them keep their math skills sharp and ready for the next term.

Language learning

According to a study, learning languages improves the cognitive abilities of students, and improves their math skills. Learning language skills help children become better listeners and boost their concentration levels.

Creative problem solving

Children are naturally inquisitive, and if they are provided a safe atmosphere to find answers to their own questions using smart building strategies like coding and robotics, there is a better chance for them to learn soft skills like teamwork and creative problem solving. The lessons learnt through these methods will also stick with them longer because they participated actively in them instead of learning them through a textbook.

Combating Summer Learning Loss with Witty Learning

This summer, Witty Learning Institute is offering carefully designed and chosen Summer Enrichment Programs that aim to combat summer learning loss by utilising the best learning methods without tiring the children. The following programs are designed for children between the ages of 6 and 16:

  • Creative Writing Workshop
  • Witty Poetry Workshop
  • Kids Arabic Booster
  • Back to School Math Booster
  • Witty Robotics

For more information on the programs listed above, click here and leave us a message. Enrol your children in these healthy summer enrichment programs and ensure that their learning does not become stagnant during the holidays.