The Benefits of Bilingualism: Why Learn another Language

What is bilingualism? Bilingualism simply put is; knowing how to speak more than one language. That being said, what exactly are the benefits of being bilingual? Is it just about raising your grades at school or getting those extra credits? Could there maybe be a little more to being bilingual than we realize? Let’s find out…


Learning another Language

When we take language or speaking classes in Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin or even English, one thing that comes to mind is that we will be able to communicate with more people. That being said there are numerous other benefits associated with learning a language that have been researched and proven. Let’s simplify and look at some of them.

Improves Brain Function

The brain is a wonderful organ that gets better and stronger the more you use it. People who speak more than one language are also known to be sharper, better at subjects like mathematics and quick witted. Learning an additional language helps give that grey matter a jog! multitasking

Improves Multitasking Abilities

When you’re using two or more languages, you might not realize it but your brain is constantly switching between them picking the most appropriate one for the occasion. This makes use of your multitasking skills which are sharpened and honed in the process. This too has been proven by a research study.

Improves Memory

Remembering all those grammar rules and new words is no small feat! Being bilingual sharpens your memory and improves your ability as well as capacity to remember things such as placement as well as long lists and pieces of information.

Reduces Age Related Intellectual Degeneration

Yet another study examined the correlation between being bilingual and the age at which degenerative ailments such as Alzheimer’s were expected to set in. Results of such studies showed a delay in the onset of both Alzheimer’s as well as dementia in those who spoke two or more languages.

Improves Focus and Discernment

Speaking multiple languages improves one’s focus as well as their abilities to discern as proven by a study conducted by the University of Chicago. People who speak more than one language are more spatially aware and are also known to make more practical and attuned decisions when navigating life in general.


It’s pretty obvious that there is a lot more to gain from learning a language. Though the ability to communicate with hundreds of different people and access treasure troves of information you might have missed out is a gift on its own, there is clearly more to it.

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