The Biggest Myths About Homeschooling


Since sending your kids to school is society’s default education method, when someone breaks the norm and homeschools their child instead, a lot of eyebrows are raised. When it comes to homeschooling, there’s a whole range of myths and false facts floating around. Despite the fact that more and more parents are opening up to the idea of homeschooling and bringing it to the mainstream, there are some misconceptions that continue to persist.


Here are a few homeschooling myths that are simply untrue and should not be given any heed to.


Myth#1: Homeschooled Kids Can’t Learn As Well

A common misconception regarding homeschooling is that children getting their education at home won’t be able to learn as well as those studying in proper schooling systems. But this is simply untrue. Each child learns differently and where they do it is not necessarily a determinant of how good their education will be. A child can just be as well-educated through homeschooling as they can be by studying at a school.  

Myth#2: Homeschooled Kids Don’t Know How to Socialize

While it is true that children attending school will have a bigger chance of socializing with other kids attending the school, homeschooled children can do that just as well. They can just as easily socialize with their family, neighbors, and other friends. In fact, a study conducted by the Discovery Institute showed that homeschooled children are quite “well-adjusted” and show fewer behavioral problems than their peers.  


Myth#3: Homeschooled Kids Can’t Get Admissions in College

Another false notion about homeschooling is that children who have received their education at home will have a lesser chance of getting into college. But the opposite is true. Homeschooled children have a 66.7% chance of getting into a good college as compared to a 57.5% of children who’ve studied in public schools.  

Myth#4: Homeschooled Kids Can’t Function Properly in the Real World

Some people are of the misguided view that homeschooled children remain isolated to the confines of their homes and so they don’t possess the necessary life skills to function in the real world. But this is another misconception. Homeschooled children get every opportunity to interact with the outer world and experience life in their surroundings. In fact, since they have a more flexible schedule they have more chances of experiencing new things.  

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