Witty Learning - 30/07/2019

The Hack To Acing Your SAT

As a non-native English speaker, international students have to clear two language exams: TOEFL and SAT, to apply for colleges in the US. If you’ve ever dreamt about going abroad for higher studies, you’d know the struggle of getting a good score in your SATs. Not only is it important to meet the admission requirements set by the intended university for your program but also ace your SATs for the sake of prestige.

Getting a score close to 2400 is considered a sign of intelligence that has become a marker of distinction between average and high performing students. Since it’s commonly perceived that SATs are more difficult than TOEFL, students naturally worry about clearing them more. This means paying large chunks of money to training programs, attending crash courses, searching success tips online and looking for those who managed to get an above decent score in the past.

However, as a learning center, we know how to crack the code to a good score. Here are a few tips that’ll help you prepare better for your SAT exam.

Your English Vocabulary Is Never Enough

No matter how many books you may have read during your school years, remember that your English vocabulary is never enough. There are more words in the English dictionary that you can ever possibly know and the goal is to learn as many of them as possible. However, it never helps to begin rote-learning dictionary meanings from the A-section and keep on doing it till the Z-section. Many past students have reported that using flashcards helped them learn a majority of the words.

Not only do you need to know words for completing passage exercises in the English section of the exam but also to simply comprehend what the question is asking. You can categorize your word bank whichever way you like. A popular method is to put onomatopoeic words—the sounds of which remind you of their meanings— in one category, and all the foreign-sounding ones in another—ones that you have to consciously learn meanings of. You can pick any strategy that best suits your style of learning and go ahead with it.

Get TOEFL out of the way First

Since TOEFL is the easier out of the two, it serves well to get this exam out of the way. But how will this affect your SAT score, you may ask? The answer is: once you clear an English language exam, you’ll automatically become more confident of your command over the language. Once that’s out of the way, you can focus better on improving your English language skills. You’ll have a fair idea of what level you stand on and how you need to go. Unlike TOEFL, SAT requires application of logic along without a strong linguistic background. You’ll need to train your mind to decipher meaning out of a complex question in limited time and answer it correctly.

Don’t Confuse TOEFL with SAT

We understand that international students are eager to get started with their application process and often end up taking the wrong route. It’s not advised to prepare for both exams simultaneously because your objectives in both cases are starkly different. Along with a good English vocabulary, you need a grasp of logic, a good reading speed, above par Math skills and a strong writing ability, For instance essay-writing for both exams is very different; where SAT demands a well-reasoned content with sufficient examples, TOEFL is only testing your proficiency in English. If you prepare for SAT alongside TOEFL, you might end up confusing the two and performing badly.

If you need help with preparing for your SAT exam, we can help. Our learning center in Dubai specializes in assisting students with curricula-based exams and entrance tests such as SAT. We also offer language programs, adult classes and homeschooling support.