Top Arabic Phrases You Should Know When You Move to Dubai


Dubai is the world’s 6th top ultimate destination for millions of people across the globe. From the U.S., to Europe and Asia, Dubai holds a special place in the hearts of many.

The land stays true to Islamic and Arabic culture but at the same time, is home to people belonging to various cultures.

Needless to say, Dubai should be on your bucket list and it’s even better if it’s at the top. Before you book your ticket, memorise these top eight phrases by heart:

1. Inshallah

Translating to “if Allah wills it”, this phrase is used to express that you’re hopeful for the better or the best possibilities.

2. Shukran

Meaning: Thank you. What is a human heart without gratitude? Shukran is a simple phrase which is all about saying thanks.

3. Kayfa Haalak

Kayfa Haalak? (to a male) kayfa Haalik? (to a female). Show others your humble and friendly nature by inquiring about them. Ask them Kayf Halik, each time you want to ask them, ‘How are you?’

4. Subah Al-Khayr

The only way to start a beautiful day in Dubai, is to say Subah Al-Khayr – ‘Good morning!’

5. Masaa Al-Khayr

‘Good evening’. Say Masaa Al-Khayr to wish others a good evening and lead yourself to an equally blissful night.

6. Ma Ismuka

Ma Ismuka? (to a male) ma ismuki (to a female). Use whenever you want to ask someone’s name. There is no experience more beautiful than getting to know the locals. Not only will you end up making new friends, but also learn more about Dubai’s lifestyle and the Arab culture.

7. Ana Bi-Khayr

Ana Bi-Khayr is the Arabic way of saying ‘I’m fine’.  So when you are in Dubai and others ask you how you are feeling, say Ana Bi-Khayr, because who could possibly not feel fine or good in Dubai?

8. ‘Afwan

This means ‘Excuse me’. Say ‘Afwan whenever you bump into someone or wish to introduce a point when someone else is talking.

These are just some popular phrases which are essential to know before visiting Dubai. There’s more to the beautiful Arabic language.

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