Why Homeschooling Is Better for Introverted Kids

Let’s say you’re giving language classes to a group of children. It’s usually not hard to spot the introverted child in a room. More often than not, you’ll find them quiet, reserved and soft-spoken in demeanor. However, many of these traits get overlooked when the child is placed inside a classroom with several other introverts. The problem is that not all introverts are the same. Hence, they’re grossly misunderstood in the academic environment.

Let’s think of introversion as more of a fluid entity that’s present in varying concentrations in each person. Some children might be shy in public situations but are otherwise excellent communicators in one-on-one situations. Likewise, you’ll find children who love social interaction, but also need frequent breaks to recharge in solitude.

Given the deeply complex nature of an introverted child and their unique needs in the classroom, we can’t really be sure a traditional school environment is going to be helping their growth and performance. We believe homeschooling is the better option for introverted kids and we’ve got plenty of reasons to back it up.

  1. They Can Participate in Discussions Freely

    Students are always encouraged to speak up and ask questions in the classroom. But no matter how many times you tell them there’s no such thing as a silly question, one snicker from a peer is enough to shatter their confidence. In a secure home environment, an introverted child has the leeway to make mistakes and grow from them positively.

  2. They Get More Time for Comprehension

    Traditional classrooms are jumping from one topic to another since they have to follow a set schedule. This could mean introverts who tend to ponder and take time to understand complex ideas may be left behind.

A home school environment gives the child time to think and hover on a topic for as long as it takes for them to fully get the material.

  1. They Learn What Really Matters

    Okay, this one’s a bit controversial, but if you think about, kids at home get to stay focused on things that they need and want to learn. We’re not saying that poetry classes are more important than math, but children should always be able to study subjects that intrigue them.

In school, a science student will probably not be able to take creative writing classes but at home, they can learn everything that’s important for their professional and personal growth.

  1. They Get Alone Time

    Introverted children need plenty of alone time to keep their energy levels up. An entire day at school can leave them over-stimulated and in need of time away from their family members instead. At home, children have all the time and security in the world to be themselves and focus on their studies.
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