Witty Learning - 29/07/2019

There’s No Place Like Home! Why Homeschooling Is On The Rise

If there really is no place like home, why send children as young as 5 and 6-year olds to a school for learning. Learning begins at home and can continue at home as effectively, if you know the right pat and the right people.

Here’s why homeschooling is on the rise in current times.

Move away from a negative school environment

How many times has it happened that your child has come home crying because a teacher was careless with a harsh feedback or a classmate bullied them? Seeing their children display unusually aggressive behavior, parents often quit sending their children to schools because of the negative environment. The early years in a child’s life are essential for determining the shape their personality will take during formation.

A school is as much a breeding ground for the positive traits that you want to see in your child, as the home environment. The influence school teachers and fellow peers have on a child’s psychological, social and intellectual development can’t be discounted. Letting a young, naïve mind mould and adapt to negativities in its surrounding is a huge disservice to your child. If you’re noticing toxic behavior in your child as he/she continues to go to school or hear alarming details about the school from them, don’t risk your child’s wellbeing and move away.

Get better quality education at home

If asked why you send your young one to a strange place at such a tender age, your answer most likely would be ‘for high quality education’. If educating your child is your priority, anything that affects the learning process should be your biggest concern. Another quite popular reason among parents for taking their children out of school was ‘dissatisfaction with the academic methods’.


Reasons for dissatisfaction can range from problems with the curriculum to ways of instruction practiced in a classroom. In either case, the quality of education promised at the time of admission is compromised. Once you do a simple cost-benefit analysis of the situation, you’ll know that wasting your child’s earliest and most important years in an unproductive manner is a huge loss. Why not school them at home, in the comfort of a familiar setting where dedication to the cause comes without saying.

Promote healthy socialization

Forcing your child to compete in an unhealthy environment from an early age is highly problematic and quite fairly disadvantageous for them. At the age of 6 when a child starts school, he/she shouldn’t have to worry about what their peers will think of them, or how to beat the top record in a classroom. Apart from academics, a school presents a lot more challenges to the child including socialization. Bullying is one of the most widely reported problems in schools.

Reports show that one in four teenagers have complained about being bullied more than a few times each month. Young victims grow up into mentally-unfit adults if they had been picked on by bullies in school. If push comes to shove, parents should seriously evaluate if it’s even worth sending their children to an unsafe environment. With the option of home schooling now available in Dubai, the right answer is pretty clear.

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