Why learning Mandarin should be your top priority


Undoubtedly the richest country in terms of culture and history, China is seen as one of the economical giants and a business hub in this day and age Renowned for their humility and hard work, China has seen a quantum leap in progress compared to other countries. Let’s put into perspective why learning their language is of utmost importance.

Improve your chances of growth

Over 1.2 billion people speak Chinese—which admittedly has various dialects—but Mandarin comes out on top in terms of popularity. This is said to be the most widely spoken language.  At any point in time, you have the opportunity to converse with 12% of the world’s population, broadening your horizons.

Mandarin is spoken in various countries

The language is spoken in many South Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, etc. Travel plans would be a breeze in terms of conversing with locals!

China is the second largest economy

It’s no concealed fact how immense China has become in the present world. With a booming economy, you could see yourself being inclined to better career growth there.

China is a mammoth producer

With their manufactured products being shipped to every corner of the world, it won’t come as a surprise that at some point, you would have to engage with an individual who speaks the language.

Knowing another’s language is seen as a sign of respect and makes the other feel welcomed. This could positively influence your business by adding an emotional touch.

Surprisingly Easy

Mandarin is quite simple actually, unlike French and German they don’t assign gender to objects and grammar is virtually not present, making it an uncomplicated language to master. The best language classes would most definitely make it plain sailing.

People the world over are catching up to the language

Mark Zuckerberg surprised his audience, at a much awaited talk and Q and A, at Tsinghua University by replying to questions in Mandarin. He began learning the language because of his wife and went on to ask for her hand in marriage in Mandarin too!

Former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd studied the language in depth when he earned his degree in the subject. All over the world, many students have been enrolling themselves in classes due to the sheer exposure possible and the opportunities that could be made possible.

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