Why Should Creative Writing Be Encouraged?

There’s no doubt that reading and writing are great habits to form in children. The adage that books are our best friends holds true for many of us. In them, we find companions that let us escape a drab and dreary world, all while developing our grammar and vocabulary. Meanwhile, writing helps improve our cognitive skills and there’s evidence showing writing by hand is extremely beneficial for the brain.

With all these benefits to reading and writing, we wonder how much of an impact creative writing classes will have on a child’s personal development? Read on to find out!

It Boosts Our Imagination

Studies show that kids who dabble in creative writing report a boost to their imaginative skills. In a world where we’re constantly being bombarded with information and stories, creative writing lets us become the creators of our own story. There’s a sense of power associated with that and it fires up our brains to come up with new ideas.

It Helps Us Get Smarter

Yes, really! There’s proof that writing is an effective way to help kids learn a second or third language. Let’s say you’re teaching English language courses or taking Arabic language classes. Creative writing is the easiest way to help someone retain new knowledge. Not only will students be thinking of problems and solutions in their head, but they’ll be compelled to find the right words to use in a particular context. Isn’t that what everyone wants when it comes to attaining conversational fluency in a language?

It Allows Us to Express Our Selves

Creative writing can often be the vessel for people to pen down their most difficult or controversial thoughts. Introverts can especially benefit from this because most of them are always thinking and bottling up their emotions. Plus, many of them feel they can express their ideas better in writing than they can in conversation. Try some creative writing classes and see how it works for your sense of expression.

It Helps Us Communicate Better

Communication skills are the bread and butter of any modern career. We need to be able to express ourselves effectively and creative writing is one activity that can teach us how to structure narratives.

Getting our point of view across can be a bit cumbersome if we don’t know which parts to emphasize and which to leave out. A written piece is great exercise for the brain and will force us to plan out our ideas and become succinct communicators.

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